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Walmart is a multinational retail corporation founded by Sam Walton, an American businessman, and entrepreneur. The first Walmart opened its doors in 1962, and by 2020, it had grown to become the world’s largest company by revenue and the world’s second-largest employer. Although the company is based in the United States, it reaches millions of customers from other parts of the world, including China, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada, among others. In addition to being one of the largest retailers in the United States, Walmart is also one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. One of the best things about the Walmart eCommerce platform is that it offers a selection of products that can be found both in stores and online, making the brand accessible to anyone from different parts of the world.

Image from Walmart Canada

Walmart Brand History

The Walmart brand was founded in 1950 as “Walmart Black Friday,” which was a one-day sale on a wide range of products. That was when Sam Walton bought a store from Luther E. Harrison in Bentonville, Arkansas, and opened Walton's 5 & 10. However, as time went by, the company was rebranded and was professionally launched in 1962 with a single store in Rogers, Arkansas, that had grown to every state in the United States and Canada by 1995, as well as its first supercenters in the 1980s. And now, which is the recent history of the brand, Walmart has immensely increased, and now boasts of owning more than twelve thousand stores in 30 different countries. Impressive!

Walmart Today

Walmart today is a different story from its humble days. Now in 2020, Walmart has been named one of the world's most popular eCommerce platforms and online retailers. This means that the brand has grown so big from a physical store to the biggest online store, accessible to anyone across the globe, selling numerous kinds of goods, from groceries to toys and home appliances, among other products.

Walmart Discount Program for Online Customers

As an online customer, you can expect to enjoy free shipping on purchases that are more than $35. You can also enjoy a wide range of discounts and coupons during special events throughout the year, including the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

What does Walmart sell?

As mentioned above, Walmart is a physical store that also operates an eCommerce platform where they sell a wide range of products, from toys to appliances. This means you could find any product generally sold in a Walmart store on their website. Some of the most popular products sold by Walmart include smartphones, laptops, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. Grocery stores are also not left out in what they sell; you can shop for untouched natural fruits, fresh vegetables from farmers, meats and fish, eggs and dairy products, and lots more. Walmart Grocery offers a broad list of high-quality foods for their customers at reasonable prices.

Image from Unsplash.

Walmart Flier and Walmart Catalog

If you have ever lived in the United States, Canada, or other parts of the world, you have probably heard of the word "flier," However, the term "flier" is used to describe a magazine. The Walmart Flier is a weekly magazine delivered to their customers' doorsteps to inform them of the products currently on sale and special coupons that can be used to get discounts on the products listed in the magazine. In addition, the Walmart Catalog is an online shopping platform that was launched in the 1990s. It contains thousands of products, and you can find everything from clothing and toys to home appliances, at a sweet rate with enticing discounts.

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